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Lawan Ali Dansarki

Provost Bilyaminu Othman College of Education  Dass

(Grade II. NCE, BA, PGDM, MBA,)

Welcome to the official website of Bilyaminu Othman College of Education Dass (Private). The College was established in 2013 and commence academic activities in the same year to run National Certificate of Education N. C. E. Programme. The College was named after the Late Emir of Dass (Alhaji Dr. Bilyaminu Othman) with the aim of complementing the government effort towards providing quality Education. Our Philosophy is the total development  of men and women in enabling environment through appropriate teaching, research and services to humanity.

The College has secure Provisional approval from the Ministry of Higher Education Bauchi in 2013 and subsequent inspection by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) Abuja in 2014, and in 2015 a provisional approval was granted by the National Commission for the College of Education to run the following courses as follows:-

1. English language  2. Biology 3. Integrated Science 4. Primary Education 5. Arabic Language 6. Economics 7. Social Studies 8. Islamic Studies 9. Christian Religious Knowledge 10. Hausa Language 11. Computer Science 12 . Agricultural Education 13.  Business Eduaction

The College now has a Population of One thousand Five Hundred and seventy (1570) students teacher in (NCE I, II, III) respectively. In view of this the college is equipped with Learning facilities such as, Language Laboratory, CET, Social Studies Lab, Computer Lab., Micro Teaching Lab, etc.

I wish to appeal to all and sundry to come and join us in uplifting the standard of education by providing quality teachers that would impact knowledge to our teaming youth in Bauchi State and Nigeria at large. Thank you for visiting our Website. Long live, Bilyaminu Othman College of Education Dass, Long live Bauchi State, and long live Nigeria.


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